Split Traditions

Split Traditions is a continuation of the series work started by Ross in 2015 and first shown at Fracture, the PRISM exhibition in 2016. Using redundant and archaic tools, these pieces explore the loss of traditional industries and apprenticeships. Split handles on screwdrivers, obsolete soldering irons – these pieces are steeped in the history of their use and the patina of the many hands which have held them. Each piece has its own hidden story.

Some of these tools were wrapped to create the BalconyLife Cloth at Open September last year.
Media: Obsolete blacksmithing tools, loom state cotton muslin and string.

‘Still Life’ runs at the Leicester Contemporary, 16 Market Street, Leicester, LE1 6DP until the 27th of November. (Tues- Sat, 11am – 6pm). We will be in Leicester again from the 18 – 20th and looking forward to speaking to friends and visitors who are coming to see the show. Many thanks to @leicestercontemporary @florencetrust @leicestercitycouncil The Company of Artists cic and @designseasonleicester and of course special thanks again to Steve and Yuka.

All text and images © moderneccentrics

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