Mummy, what happens when we die?

This work was first exhibited at the St Saviours Winter Show this time last year, (laid out on the wooden bases of the choir pews, in the church that was frequented by Sir John Betjeman as a child) and then as part of Roots at Craft Central. This is the first time that the leaves (now two years worth from the same three trees) have been displayed as Jonny originally intended.

The leaves this year appear to dry and desiccate far more quickly than last year. Is this due to the conditions in each gallery being slightly different or is it something to do with the weather we have had this year? Who knows but it is something that return visitors to the exhibition have noticed with one lady exclaiming ‘they’ve change colour!

‘Still Life’ runs at the Leicester Contemporary, 16 Market Street, Leicester, LE1 6DP until the 27th of November. (Tues- Sat, 11am – 6pm). We will be in Leicester again from the 18 – 20th and looking forward to speaking to friends and visitors who are coming to see the show. Many thanks to @leicestercontemporary @florencetrust @leicestercitycouncil The Company of Artists cic and @designseasonleicester and of course special thanks again to Steve and Yuka.

All text and images © moderneccentrics

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