Fourth Week – Experimental Brushes and an Indigo Taster

Week 4 of our ‘Open September’, and the garden is thriving – the madder is loving its new more spacious container and the weld finally looks like its alive and willing to take part in this project! The woad is doing well in the troughs and fortunately whatever was picnicking on it has moved on….

Third Week – White Linen, Indigo and a Birthday

Week three and we have been dyeing in the garden, even if it was just reviving an old indigo vat, which due to circumstance has lain idle this year. The impromptu garden set up with Cat worked a treat. It’s always a little daunting when planning a ‘play date’ as you never know what your…

Second Week – Open Studio and Garden

Our first full week (well Thursday to Sunday) of being open to the public has been a great success, with a stream of neighbours and inquisitive locals plus friends and colleagues from further afield coming to visit us. It has been quite a challenge to get the studio organised so that visitors can safely enter…

Restrictions – (Un)woven Reflections on Lockdown

This weekend at CraftCentral is a wonderful show, Restrictions exhibiting work created during lockdown by an international collection of artists. ‘Restrictions, unraveling and the re-creation of new structures in contemporary textiles are the themes of this black and white exhibition.’  This is an independent exhibition organised by `Freeweaver Studio `London and is the first in…

Opening Weekend and Journey Retraced

The first three days of our Open September went excellently, with the weather holding and lots of local visitors from the neighbourhood dropping by. One gentleman who remembers the Florence Trust moving in in ’88 said how nice it was to be welcomed into the church grounds after the gate being locked for so long….