Indigo at the Duke of Cambridge

On Thursday we held the first of four workshops at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington, the UK’s oldest organic pub (bookable through their website). Sponsored by the Florence Trust and Churchgate Artists Studios CIC, the workshop places included a wonderful set lunch as part of the £20 ticket price and was thought a great success by all involved!

The first fully booked worship was an Indigo Shibori Taster session and ran from 10am through to 2.30. Ross started off by introducing the different types of Shibori before going into more depth about ‘Itajime’ (literally meaning ‘board clamping’), the type we would be concentrating on in this workshop. After that everyone threw themselves into experimenting with samples and their first experience of Indigo dyeing.

After the samples, everyone set to work on a cotton tote, using what they’d learned from their samples. We then had the wonderful three course lunch towards the end of the session while our indigo tote bags and samples dried.

The remaining three workshops run over the next three weeks and we can’t wait! The morning was such a wonderful experience, with a stunning meal and lovely people. Thanks again to everyone at the Duke of Cambridge and Steve Allbutt of the Florence Trust for making this possible.

Text and images ©moderneccentrics, drawing by @husofmati

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