London Art Fair

Red, Black and Blue Arrows, Terry Frost, 1962

We didn’t have long unfortunately to visit the London Art Fair this year but here are a few pieces that caught our fancy. One or t’other or both of us would happily have carried off these pieces today (though if we’d left with them all it would have cost us a fortune!!!).

Anima, Zoe Preece, 2023 and Landscapes 1 & 2, Rachna Garodia, 2022

3 Works, Solenne Julivet, 2022 and Black Terror, Zavier Ellis, 2019

Yin Flower and Yang Flower, Benjamin Murphy, 2022

Landscape, Peter Kinley, 1957 and Complex InterlockingRed, Blue, Olive Yellow, Patrick Heron, 1968

Watch Me, Bob Baxter, 2022 and Late Bloomer, Andreana Dobreva, 2022

Top Films of All Time 31, Sam Burford, 2023

The Aylesbury Fragments, Harriet Mean Hill, 2020/21

Yrsa, Susannah Baker-Smith, 2016 and Green Teapot with Julia’s Jug, Rachel Nicholson, 2005/6

Rue Madam in Red, Gary Komarin, 2016 and Seatown Beech 5, Jeremy Gardiner, 2022

Birch, Magnus Petterson, 2022

The London Art Fair runs at the Business Design Centre, Islington till Sunday 22nd January.

Text and images @moderneccentrics

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