‘Made In Italy’ by Piotr Degler

I think it’s fair to say I am bit of a car nut, having studied car design and having read the same car magazine every month since March 1983 (‘Car’, in case you’re interested, yes I am that old and it had a Lotus Excel vs a Porsche 944 and a Mitsubishi Starion on the cover and cost 90p!). I also adore books, having worked in bookshops when a youngster, so you can imagine my delight when my partner presented me with ‘Made In Italy‘, a ‘visual experience’ by Piotr Degler.

As well as the stunning photography, the book contains interviews with Italian Maestros such as Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Flavio Manzoni, Paolo Pininfarina and Andrea Zagato. Of the hundred images, eighty are new and cover a wonderful selection of concept cars (some famous, some almost forgotten), left field production choices and stone cold classics. Degler himself is a designer as well as a respected photographer and the idea behind the book came whilst he was working at the famous design house Bertone.

Images above from top left: Delivery Box, Silver Presentation Sleeve, The Embossed Cover, Preorder Slip (No 15, signed by Piotr Dealer), and the image of the production Lancia Stratos (designed by Gandini).

The photos are as beautiful as some of the machines presented, and whether this is my early birthday present or a late anniversary present, it is a stunning gift showcasing the wonder of Italian automotive design.

Text and book images © Jonathan Dredge, all Original Images © Piotr Degler, Degler Studios.

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