Addressing Space What 3 Words

Saturday was the Private View of Studio 21‘s new show ‘Addressing Space What 3 Words’. With the starting point for this project being early 2019, it has had the longest gestation period of any of their exhibitions, with the Pandemic throwing an enormous proverbial spanner in the works. This opening weekend took place in a world that is almost unrecognisable as our lives have changed beyond recognition.

It’s been a time like no other for the group which has posed significant unforeseen challenges for us all. Each Studio 21 exhibition is carefully conceived and underpinned by a strong commitment to working together with an appreciation of each artist’s chosen approach and process. As moderneccentrics’ Ross Belton, chair of Studio 21, put it:

‘Meeting and working together has been impossible, and like so many others we have evolved into digital beings with Zoom meetings and digital discussions now part of our vocabularies. I can’t express how wonderful it has been seeing other members during the hanging of the show again and to see the work they have produced.’

Each piece is a visceral and emotional record of this unprecedented period of time, as well as a personal response to the theme of the exhibition. The show documents this unprecedented time in a way that is both enlightening and invigorating. It is wonderful to see such a varied response to the original brief, addressing space using the ‘What 3 Words’ app which became so much more relevant to the everyday when we were all locked-down and unable to travel.

Studio 21 have made work that variously explores the themes of location, place, the threatened eco-system, the tension between the virtual and material world, containment and ordering, and the need to find a sense of security and belonging. Their work is grounded in textile practice but also incorporates other media and material objects. It is always wonderful to see such varied pieces by artists who explore unexpected materials such as ironwork, bandages and the skeletons of long forgotten handbags!

‘At one point I thought we’d never physically show Addressing Space What 3 Words but thanks to the generosity of the Florence Trust, we are able to bring the artists work together. We know that at this difficult time, it has never been more important that we play our part in the extended artistic community – supporting artists and connecting art with a world which needs it now more than ever.’ Ross Belton

‘Addressing Space What 3 Words’ runs at the Florence Trust (St Saviours, Aberdeen Park, London, N5 2AR) Thursdays – Sundays 12-4pm until the 8th of August.

Text and images, ©moderneccentrics and ©Studio21

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