Dyeing to Stitch

We are pleased to announce our first collaborative venture for the Dye Garden, ‘Dyeing to Stitch’. Our friend Wolf & Wilding and will be a guest tutor (dates to be announced). This outdoor stitching class running on Wednesday afternoons, is an informal way to develop your practice, learn new things and relax and chat in the wonderful calming surroundings of the Nomadic Dye Garden at St Saviours.

Whilst the group of sessions will lead on from the other, each day can be booked individually. All sessions will be delivered outdoors in our secure teaching space. There is shelter to allow us to continue whatever the vagaries of the British summer weather throws at us. You can book through our eventbrite page.

Wolfgang and his assistant Mathilde, the miniature wire haired dachshund, will be delivering guided sessions that take inspiration from nature and the outdoor environment and these are open to all. Due to COVID, the number of attendees at these sessions will be limited, allowing for more direct and personal interaction with the tutor.

Wolfgang is a mixed-media artist with a background in architecture. Current work features the exploration of a candid subject matter and a language and direction involving the juxtaposition of drawing, painting, collage, folding, stitching and embroidery. We exhibited his work as part of the St Saviours Winter Show at the end of last year and we are delighted to welcome him back to the Florence Trust this summer.

Text © moderneccentrics, images © wolf & wilding and moderneccentrics

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  1. KB says:

    Looks like it will be a Wild time – how exciting 🙂


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