St Saviour’s Winter Show: Lottie Whyman

Lottie is a woven textile designer who focuses on using natural fibres and natural dyes. Lottie is consciously driven to minimise the amount of waste produced within her textiles practice due to how polluting the fashion industry is already. Lottie is also passionate about photography and would say this is a hobby of hers; interested in different colours, textures and small details. Lottie enjoys both digital and film photography; specifically, 35mm film.

Photography is often used as the starting points for projects; a photograph can generate lots of ideas for woven designs due to the variety of colours, shapes, patterns, textures and compositions. Lottie likes to try new processes and techniques within her work and this can be quite experimental.

Works on Display:

‘Jacquard’, Naturally dyed lambswool, Madder and exhausted Logwood dye, 78 x 64 cm, Not for Sale.

‘Madder 1.0’, Naturally dyed Madder yarns, Cotton, 23 x 23 cm, Not for Sale.

‘Madder 2.0’, Naturally dyed cotton and lambswool fibres, Madder dye, 20 x 26 cm, Not for Sale.

Images and Text © Lottie Whyman.

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