St Saviour’s Winter Show: Clara Jedrecy

Clara Jedrecy is a London based textile and fashion designer, who’s approach is slow and circular. 

Her aim is to bring back locality in the supply chain process from raw material to finished garment in order to help generate and be part of a “new” local economy.

She is widely inspired by the natural cycles and the function of our ecosystems. She looks at the unseen worlds and how these energetic networks of life interlink with each other. 

From micro to macro she translates these stories through her colours and patterns, using local natural dyes, botanical screen prints and contact printing technique.

As the seasons go her colour palette changes as she enjoys working with what her environment has to offer. Symbolically she imagines her designs as versatile and transformable as nature can be and creates unique, biodegradable, multi-functional pieces. She believes that reconnecting to the land and its resources is essential and wants to create an emotional response through her designs.

Works for sale:

‘Energy Flow’, Cotton – red onion skins – iron water – organic cotton thread – coconut buttons, 105 x 80 x 2cm – £230 (Made to Order).

‘Lunar Phases’, Cotton – yellow onion skins – iron water – organic cotton thread – coconut buttons, 65 x 45 x 2cm – £130 (Made to Order).

‘Mycelium Network’, Silk – hawthorn leaves – iron/acid/alkali water + indalca paste – organic cotton thread, 175 x 45 x 2cm framed – £230 (Made to Order).

Images and Text © Clara Jedrecy

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