The London Mastaba: Christo at the Serpentine

Au revoir Christo… Wonderful that the ‘L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped‘, in planning since 1962 will go ahead posthumously next year as final monument to Christo and Jean-Claude.

Modern Eccentrics

The Serpentine Gallery has become synonymous with treating us to a new Summer Pavilion every year. The year, the structure has been designed by Mexican architect Frida Escobedo and has been created from stacks of concrete roof-tiles. Stylish and austere in the official photographs (but now full of folding chairs and coffee machines) and with a shallow reflective pool of water, in reality it is a wonderful place to grab a drink and catch some shade and whatever breeze there may be in this scorcher of a summer. Escobedo has used these simple materials to create a space based on the courtyard, a feature commonly found in traditional Mexican domestic architecture.

This year in addition to the expected pavilion (and one in Beijing!) if you walk through the park you will also be confronted with the London Mastaba, described by the Guardian as a giant bath toy or…

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