Blanc de Chine: A Continuous Conversation

Blanc de Chine-17

‘Retelling the story of porcelain-making in Dehua, this display builds a bridge between the past and the current, tradition and innovation, and breaking the boundary of Chinese and non-Chinese ceramic practices.’  V&A Curator

Blanc de Chine, the delicate fine ultra-white porcelain produced in Dehua in the Fujian province of China can be traced as far back as the Song Dynasty. The beauty of this material is celebrated in the current display ‘Blanc de Chine: A Continuous Conversation’ in the Victoria and Albert’s ceramic galleries.

Blanc de Chine-1

‘It was the first white porcelain to come to Europe, arriving with Marco Polo in 1295,” he explains, “and it was also the white porcelain that inspired Meissen, Europe’s first porcelain manufactory. It’s where European porcelain began.’  Peter Ting

This small exhibition features the work of contemporary craftsmen Babs Haenen, Lucille Lewin, Liang Wanying, Jeffry Mitchell, Su Xianzhong, and Peter Ting. Displayed together with items from the V&A’s vast collection (the galleries housing it run the full length of the museum), these pieces from a dialogue across the centuries, between old and new. You can read more about each artist in a great article from the Design Edit here, and more of the history of porcelain and the work on show here. The exhibition runs in Room 146 & Room 44 until the 10th of May, 2020, and is quite quite beautiful.

Text and images © Jonathan Dredge.



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