A Great Weekend


Well that was a very hectic week! After months of preparation, we headed down to the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington on Thursday morning with our friend, Wolfgang Woerner, an honorary member of moderneccentrics for the weekend. With 117m of rusted and naturally dyed recycled hotel sheets, we were all ready to set up ‘Journey’, the site-specific textile installation created for this years Contemporary Textile Fair. With iron fence pins, kindly provided by Travis Perkins, it took us the best part of a day to set up the fabric, winding its way through the trees in the area known as ‘the Wilderness’ (though thanks to a very thorough purge by the gardeners, it was a lot less wild than when we saw it on our first visit!). The installation looked wonderful, but sady due to the freakish -5°C, 40 mile an hour winds and snowstorms in March, we thought it best to dismantle the piece at the end of day Saturday. The last thing we wanted was to wake up to ‘multiple pile up in Teddington – errant art installation to blame!’ headlines on Sunday morning.

As well as the installation, and the Eco Bundle Taster workshop which Ross ran on the Saturday (more of which in the next blog post), we had a stall at the fair. This was our first official outing for moderneccentrics, and we were thrilled that our stall came together in the way we’d hoped. The response was truly wonderful, though the weather did sadly knock the visitor numbers compared to last year. The whole experience was great, and we would wholeheartedly recommened a visit next year, or indeed a stall if you are a textile artist or maker.

A great surprise was to see our friend, Alex Mayer (of Carousel Textile Artists and Bantam Knits), only 2 stalls away. Other friends exhibiting at the fair were Debbie Lydon (a member of Studio 21), this year’s first featured artist, Francesa Phalange of No Serial Number and Kim Winters (of Flextiles and Makerhood). We made so many great new contacts, both with visitiors to the stall and other exhibitors, and the experience has left us both fired up and ready for our next challenges (which, of course we’re already working on…). Finally, thanks again to Abigail Thomas, the Contemporary Textiles Fair organiser, who guided us through the whole process and kept us calm and on the straight and narrow.

All text and photos © Jonathan Dredge

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  1. caroline walker says:

    Looks like you had a great time Ross. Isn’t Wolfy a real trouper.
    Hope to see you at some stage.
    Caroline x

    Sent from my iPad


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