Poppies (for Henry)

On the 22nd of May, Henry Wilson, the partner of my good friend Andy, was killed by a lorry minutes from his house whilst cycling to get a haircut. Henry was a photographer and textile designer, and such a kind soul. The reason I mention this tragic accident is that one example of his kindness was months before he gave me his old Nikon D700 and two lenses after Andy had been showing me his new Fuji X2 and I had been bemoaning the age of my trusty old D70 (which I had served me well for over a decade).

I shot these poppies originally to highlight the fact that we never know what sort of blooms we’ll get on our balcony each year, as we planted seeds that Ross had collected over the years. It’s completely unpredictable, 5 years ago we had beautiful red and black flowers. This year they were double flowered, pink and frilly – excessively fabulous and I’m sure Henry would have loved them.

I used Henry’s Nikon to shoot these images, and I’d like to dedicate them to his memory. You can see Henry’s work here, and his books on Indian patterns, ornamentation, life and design are available in stores and online.

‘Henry was an incredibly talented photographer and designer, and was most highly regarded for his wonderful images, particularly those that captured the spirit of India. His work will be carried on by friends and family.’                henrywilsonphotography.com


All images and text © Jonathan Dredge.

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