The Archive Project @ The Cello Factory

On Friday, Ross and I headed down to visit The Archive Project at The Cello Factory, in Waterloo. Though the show has now finished, I felt that the work and thinking behind the show was really worth sharing.

Conceived in 2016, ‘The Archive Project’ was set up by Poppy Szaybo, Mary Morris, Debbie Lyddon and Denise Jones as a forum for the exploration of concepts connected to collecting and ‘the archive’. The first exhibition stemming from these discussions focused on collecting, selecting, ordering and classifying, and was held at Haslemere Museum, Surrey in 2016. This new show continues their thinking around these concepts, in this case in response to specific objects, collections, events and objects.

‘Debbie Lyddon’s work ‘The Signalman’ stems from a very personal motivation, her grandfather’s written account as a signalman at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. Poppy Szaybo has used photography and textiles to explore old sewing boxes and their contents, sourced from the internet. Mary Morris has made work prompted by collections of button boxes, what she calls part of sewing ‘paraphernalia’, and Denise Jones has reponded to embroideries made by suffragettes in Holloway, some within public collections and some in private ownership.’         The Archive Project.

The Cello Factory, Waterloo, is a stunning location to display this beautiful and thought provoking collection and I urge you to follow The Archive’s Project’s activities as I am sure that their next exhibition will be just as inspiring and thought provoking.

All work © Debbie Lydon, Denise Jones, Mary Morris & Poppy Szaybo,

Photos © Jonathan Dredge

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