Deborah Colman at Pulse London

Last week I spent the day shooting images for the London designer Deborah Colman. Apart from having a great time (as Debs is lovely company) it was a pleasure to shoot such beautiful designs.

Deborah Colman‘s collections of fabric, lighting and wallpapers are all based on her hand-printed designs inspired by the natural world.’

Debs’ designs evolve in an organic way, taking inspiration from feathers, leaves and geology. Using mark-making as a starting point, she uses processes such as heat transfer to create memorably beautiful designs, which translate into stunning home furnishings in linen and velvet.

From tomorrow, you can find her on a Maker’s Stands at Pulse London, Olympia. This trade show runs till the 16th of May, and is a wonderful place to showcase for her new collection of designs ‘Feathers and Foliage‘, ‘Weeds and Wilderness‘ and ‘Crystal Rocks‘.

‘Her cushions are expertly made by the women from the London Docklands charity Stitches in Time which means her products are not only extremely covetable but they’re also helping support a worthwhile cause!’

All designs, and products © Deborah Colman, photos © Jonathan Dredge.

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