Another View – Prism at the RBSA

This year, for the first time, the international textile exhibiting group PRISM are presenting their annual show in two locations, Birmingham and London. The first part is currently on show at the prestigious RBSA Gallery, and the second part of the exhibition will be showing at the Hoxton Arches in October.

‘Another View’ presents opportunities to explore different ways of looking, seeing and understanding; a chance to visualise the complexities and possibilities of people, places, events and the world we live in. It also perhaps engages the viewer in discussion about contemporary textile practice; offering a different perspective on the ancient craft of stitch. Another View shows that stitched textile can no longer be relegated to just the decorative and domestic.’     Jackie Langfield and Anita Bruce, Prism Chairs.

As in previous years, one of PRISM’s strengths is the great variety of work on show, from the current political commentary of Helen O’Leary‘s Brexit hassocks ‘Finding My Way I-III’ and Susie Vickery‘s ‘Aleppo’, through to Ross Belton‘s ‘Nest‘, a project created from home grown and foraged natural vegetation.

‘The city is a home for a variety of wildlife and impossible creatures, who use local home grown-materials, often discarded, to create these structures for shelter, courtship and a home.’     Ross Belton.

This exhibition is a visual feast, and is definitely worth seeking out if you are in the Midlands. Members of PRISM will be running demonstrations during the run of the exhibition. You can see a full set of images from the exhibition here.

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