Scotland in Spring

When the sun is out, which does happen occasionally, usually at the most unexpected times, nowhere is more beautiful than Scotland. The one thing you can really count on is the complete unpredictability of the weather. I have just returned from 6 days at home, and I was assured by my Mum that the weather was awful, with the wind coming off the sea and that the temp was just above freezing. I packed accordingly and was duly rewarded with stunning blue sky and unseasonably warm 20°C!

I spent my time in St Andrews with my family, but also drove north, through Fife, Perthshire, the Cairngorms and Speyside, to visit a good friend James who lives in the little village of Findhorn on the Moray Firth. We went for a long walk in the woods surrounding Cawdor Castle, and I found beautiful pieces of bark and lichens to bring home to @spottedhyenas. I was very aware of the distinctive colour palette of the Highlands, and it’s desolate beauty, and have come home completely enthused with the land of my birth.

Of course, on my last day it was grey, cold and damp – a typically dreich day, much more typical of the weather I remember! You can see the full set of images here.

All text and images ©Jonathan Dredge.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Lane says:

    Beautiful images…..I hope I am as lucky with the weather when I go up to Ullapool in June!


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