Printing Report

Following on from my Return to Education, here’s what I have been working on in my second term on Brian McKenzie‘s Printmaking For All course at Morley College.

We finished last term looking at Photo-etching, which gave me a chance to transform some of my photos into prints. I really like the way the images are transformed into something unique by the inking and hand printing process, and I was lucky enough to have the print selected for Made 2017.

For the first half of this term we working on Drypoint printing, a process that has been described as etching without the acid, or engraving with a needle. Using polycarb to create the plates, I scratched the drawings onto the plate, with the crevices and burrs holding the ink. The final set of prints was created in response to @spottedhyenas current projects, ‘Nest’ and ‘Adornments’.

We then returned to Collagraph printing, a process we briefly visited last term, and one that I want to experiment with further. Next up is Monotype…

All text and images © Jonathan Dredge. All prints are available for purchase.

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