Made 2017 at Morley College

Last year I did a piece covering Made 2016 at Morley College, which showcased the work of the Textile Department and featured the work of @spottedhyenas, one half of moderneccentrics. You can see the full set of images from that show here. This year, it’s my turn, and after only a term studying with Brian McKenzie on Printmaking For All, I have a print in Made 2017!

This year the exhibition looks at the work of the Printmaking, Book-Binding and Ceramics departments. There are a huge variety of techniques on display, and the work highlights the experimentalism and imagination of the artists studying at Morley. A few artists were lucky enough to win competitions, including my course compadre Katie Moilliet who won the The John Purcell Prize this year.

‘Seeing the work of the departments side by side showcases the different ways in which students interpret and use visual language. These forms of personal expression demonstrate and make physical the nuances of form, tone, texture, line and surface.’

Morley Gallery

This is a great showcase and all the work is for sale so it is a wonderful opportunity to buy some unique and affordable pieces – definitely worth a look in it’s final week. The show is on at the Morley Gallery, SE1 7HT and closes on the 8th March. You can see the full set of images here.

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