Christmas Cards

For nearly a decade I’ve made my own Christmas cards. In this digital age, the act of actually printing an image and attaching it to a handmade card and then writing it and putting it in a post box may seem archaic, but I still think it is a great way to show that you are thinking of family and friends. I also love the fact that it’s my own creativity I’m sharing in an act of ‘seasons greetings’.

The majority of the images have been photographs – not a surprise from a photographer! I’m still very pleased with the shots of my tree decorations, but after 7 bauble images (and one of some very colourful mayan beads, courtesy of artist Andrew Logan) it was time for a change. For the next couple of years I played with snowflakes – first drawing digital forms to build a snowstorm and the following year abstracting iris photos to create new patterns.

This year, I have created something completely homemade and tech-free. As a fledgling printer, I have created a linocut (only my third) of Rudolph and spent the afternoon hand printing the cards which are now sitting waiting to be written. Obviously I should be doing that now rather than writing a blog post sharing my cards, but somehow the fun bit is always in the making, the actual writing etc seems more of a chore!

I hope you like them, and if I get my act together for next year they should be available for you to buy on our site.

All images and text © Jonathan Dredge

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