The Daily Portrait

Back at the tail end of 2012, I decided to start a project with my new iPhone 5 (!) to test the camera. With the majority of us having smartphones, I felt there was no excuse not to utilise the cameras in our pockets, and the myriad of image apps available.

I managed 142 portraits in the series before I felt that that both the idea and the concept were exhausted for the moment.

With my creativity rejuvenated by my return studying (at Morley College), now seems the perfect time to pick up the project again. Only this time I’m not going to be so rigorous. It’s going to to be the ‘frequent portrait’ rather than the pressure of the ‘daily portrait’ and my self imposed rules may be disregarded a wee bit more often. It seems whatever I do, I set constraints, and it’s a bad habit I’m trying to break!

You can see the complete set of images here and I’ve included some of my favourites and the first new one.

All images and text © Jonathan Dredge

One Comment Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    I love these portraits, Jonny. Maybe P and I can convince you to ‘do’ us. I didn’t know you were studying at Morley College. Excellent news!!


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