A Return to Education

So having twice studied practical but incredibly specific subjects at university and art school (car design and television systems), I return to further education after twenty years. And you know what, I am loving it!

After not drawing properly for decades, I am doing a course with Steve Wright at Morley College to try to regain my confidence, and thankfully it’s just like riding a bike. Having never really been ‘taught’ how to draw, it’s really interesting to learn how to ‘look’ again, and whilst I may not be quite as good as I remember (rose tinted recall anyone?) I am definitely improving.

Alongside the drawing I am doing an Introduction to Print with Brian McKenzie. I have no experience of print making and the thrill of doing something completely new cannot be underestimated. Usually when I have an image in my head for a photograph or design, I have a good idea of the processes I need to go through to get me there. Sitting at the weekend making Collagraph plates for only the second time, I knew what I wanted to achieve but I didn’t have a clue whether the plates I was making would print properly, let alone what the results would look like!

We’re now working on relief prints and then it’s photo etching so there will be lots more new adventures to come.

All images and text © Jonathan Dredge


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