Open Submission Season

Lots of exhibitions and shows appear to have closing dates around the same time, the time being now. So we’ve been looking at what @spottedhyenas has been up to, and I’ve been photographing our favourite pieces and works in progress so we’ve a good set of images for promotion.

Some of the ideas @spottedhyenas is exploring are the loss of crafting traditions and skills in the ongoing series Split Traditions (using the principles of Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi with a modern slant), and women’s place in society, their invisibility and the lack of credit they receive for their achievements. On a more conceptual level, he is investigating the portrayal of time, through groups of objects as disparate as rubber bands, orchid flowers and bottle tops. Ongoing experimentation with eco-printing and natural dyes continues, which produces startling and unpredictable results. Use of redundant tools, and the resources left over from natural dyeing has led to the development of a new group of work, which is slowly evolving into ‘nest’ and ‘implements’, created with found and natural objects.

A Japanese aesthetic and influences from an African childhood, unconsciously bleed into his sketches, textiles and sculpture. Eco-journeys using rust, indigo and natural dyes are adventures in textile alchemy. Found objects and recycled materials, vintage linen, carpenter’s scrim, gauze bandages and silk lead the work in new directions. By using traditional processes, exploring the reactions between rusting metal, natural dyes and mordants, each piece evolves and develops over time as metal corrodes and stains the fabric, while the mordants creates depth of colour.  Some pieces seem to cry out for company. Clusters of objects allow him to explore multiples, creating volume, a recurring theme. They form a visual language, growing and evolving.

Using traditional techniques with contemporary applications, the work entices the viewer to see a beauty they may have missed.


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  1. What a wonderful collection of images and ideas!

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