The Towpath

Living in a creative house, sometimes it’s difficult to keep on top of things. The textile artist half of moderneccentics, @spottedhyenas, often works with found and salvaged objects. Our lovely flat sometimes starts to resemble an indoor treasure trove of interesting things on a good day, or a hoarders paradise on a bad day. But the possibilities for renewal and repurposing is endless. We have half an old piano in our bike sheds which is a stunning thing before anything has even been touched on it.

As a cyclist it’s usually difficult for me to look at the road and pavement when I’m out and about, but when I’m on foot I do keep an eye on what’s lying around at our feet. All sorts of things are already being transmogrified into new and exciting things, but here are some of the natural objects we’ve brought into the house recently.

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  1. Karen Lane says:

    The beautiful imagery in your posts always makes me smile. I particularly like the sycamore seeds.

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