The Art of the Bundle

Sitting on the sofa watching the other half of Modern Eccentrics wrap his bundles before they are submerged in the dye pot, I was struck by how beautiful these transient objects are. They’re seen by no one as they are just part of the process, so we’ve decided to share some of our bundle images with you.

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  1. Karen Lane says:

    I agree, they do make beautiful images and I love the colour palette they create.

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  2. llewena newell says:

    the bundles re little artworks

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  3. I am reading about “a Hero’s Journey” and thinking about how you become who you are. The bundle is a nice presentation of promises of a persons life. You add all kind of stuff and brew it together and what a surprise (even to yourself) what is coming out of it! I know India Flint, I like that you are adding a part of your own story to the work! #inspiration #greatpictures

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