Textile Alchemy at the WAC Gallery

For once, I’m not going to write very much about this wonderful show, the end of year exhibition of the Advanced Textile Workshop at Morley College. This is because Zoë Burt, the tutor has summed things up so eloquently, and done my job for me.

‘Students have had exciting opportunities to creatively develop their professional textile practise this year. Made at Morley, a group exhibition, began the term, and the prestigious Inspired By show hosted at The Morley Gallery in April showcased Advanced Textile students selected for their stand out pieces inspired by the V&A collection.

An inaugural catwalk collaboration between the textile, jewellery and fashion departments enabled students to nurture collaborative relationships based on a theme of The River Thames and to present work in a new format.

The new dye garden and exploration of dyeing and printing with natural dyes has allowed students to grow specialist dye plants and explore the possibilities of pigments from plants.

Group visits to Water Lambeth, Marian Clayden and The South London Botanical Institute broadened points of inspiration during the year.

Textile Alchemy responds to the magic and chemistry of natural dyeing and the revelations of natural discharge printing. Themes transformed include the art of kintsugi, wabi sabi, road markings and personal journeys. Techniques involve explorations of dyeing, relief and screen printing, hand crafting and machine stitch and knit, felting and applique, illustrating the skilled talents of the group.

Zoë Burt, tutor for The Advanced Textile Workshop.

The show is open at the WAC Gallery, till Saturday 2 July.


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  1. Flextiles says:

    It was a great show, especially Ross’s work (as usual!). Well done to Zoe and all the students!


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