Looking Forward No4 – The Catwalk Show

‘Waterloo Bridge, Grey Weather – a collaborative project. Leaves on the river surface, rust in the water, floating downstream… copper chains halting the drift, ‘eucalyptus’ clasps hold and reflect the natural dying process.’ Program Notes

This is not fashion – this is a garment, constructed from natural hand dyed eco-printed silk, held and shaped to the body by jewellery, created specifically for this purpose.

@spottedhyenas created the eco print silk chiffon. The silk was folded and wrapped around crocheted rusted wire to form a bundle. This was then put through an accelerated rusting process, and finally submerged in a eucalyptus natural dye bath. The underskirt bundle followed the same process, without the rusting, and had eucalyptus leaves sandwiched between the folded layers of silk.

The bespoke jewellery was designed and handmade by Valentina Grecchi. Eucalyptus clasps, reference the leaves used to create the print and colour, with the copper chains forming a harness holding the different pieces of fabric together, creating the silhouette.

This piece has been a true collaboration, with both jeweller and textile artist working together to create the piece, seen here in near completed form. This will be shown at the Catwalk Show at Morley College on the 24th of June.

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  1. Zoe Burt says:

    The outcome of your collaboration is beautiful, a great meeting of minds and creativity, congratulations, Looking forward to seeing it on the catwalk.


  2. The colours of the silk and the complimentary jewellery are beautifully matched – quite outstanding. I am sorry that I will not see it on the catwalk.Good luck.


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