Looking Forward No3 – PRISM ‘Fracture’

It’s all stations go here, as we prepare to exhibit with the international art textiles group PRISM for the first time. ‘Fracture’ opens at the Hoxton Arches and runs from the 1st till the 12th of June.

‘Split Traditions’ and ‘Fractured landscapes’ are both complete, and everything is due to be delivered early Sunday morning to the gallery. Now we just need to decide how much things cost and get the labels written, and the artwork carefully placed in their presentation boxes.

‘The exhibition promises a variety of stylistic interpretations and will encompass wall hung pieces, 3 dimensional sculptural work and exquisitely stitched pieces, reflecting the broadness of contemporary textile practice.’ PRISM

Prism was founded by the late Julia Caprara, and the group has members from all over the globe. With the aims of exhibiting work of the highest quality, highlighting the breadth of textile practice and challenging notions of the textile as decorative and domestic, the group show annually in London.

With exhibits exploring subjects as wide ranging as the loss of biodiversity, beauty in imperfections, social relationships and memory, it promises to be an exciting a varied show.

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