Erota – Jenny Saville

‘I’m trying to see if it’s possible to hold that tipping moment of perception or have several moments co- exist… Like looking at a memory.’ —Jenny Saville

I have loved Jenny Saville’s work since the Sensation exhibition where I first saw her paintings. Her challengingly direct work around the human figure has been an influence my own series of constructs ‘fragments’. It has always reminded me of the unflinchingly honest work of John Coplans. Both artists question perceived beauty, and to quote John-Paul Stonard, their work

‘…stands as a riposte to the cult of youth and beauty represented by commercial photography’ —

Extended till the 9th of July, ‘Erota’ at the Gagosian Gallery, Davies Street, is a beautiful exhibition of some of Saville’s recent drawings. These beautiful works range from small detailed studies to large sprawling nudes, were inspired in part by “Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice,” a recent exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum. There is an immediateness to Saville’s work which draws you in, and a fluidity to her line that hints at constant movement or multiple viewpoints. She makes it look effortless…

‘Saville’s forceful marks suggest destruction, regeneration, and a cyclical rhythm of emerging forms, imparting eros, or life force, to her art.’ —Gagosian Gallery.

If you are in London, don’t miss it, and if not, you can have a have a look at the works here.

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