The Experience of Colour
: Astrazione Oggettiva

The Estorick Collection in Islington is a hidden gem, with a permanent collection devoted to modern Italian art. It is currently showing an exhibition of abstract artists who formed a collective movement in the 70’s. They manifesto set out to reinvigorate Italian abstract art, with their main focus the exploration of colour. The movement was short lived due to the early deaths of two it’s founding artists.

‘This exhibition explores a little-known moment in Italian painting, but one that nevertheless represents an important phase in the evolution of abstract art in post-war Italy. It is also the first show in Britain to focus on the group, and presents a number of important pieces by each of its members.’ Estorick Collection

I was not familiar with the six artists exhibited here, but seeing their paintings together, I feel their work deserves far greater exposure than it has had in this country.

Seek out this exhibition and you won’t be disappointed.

You can see my full collection of images of the exhibition and the Gallery here.





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