MADE 2016 at Morley College

The textiles biennial ‘MADE at Morley’ celebrates the achievements of students from all specialisms within Morley’s textile department; from knit to weaving, print to stitch and virtually everything in-between.

The show is on at the Morley Gallery, SE1 7HT, until the 29th of April and is well worth heading down to North Lambeth to investigate. The theme of The Thames, rather than constraining the students, has taken each artist in a different direction leading to disparate pieces forming a stimulating and interesting collection of work. It is this variety of ideas and the unifying level of skill and artistry that makes this an unmissable show.

‘Morley Gallery’s first show of the academic year ‘Water Lambeth’ inspired our choice, providing a wealth of factual and visual information to spark ideas. Students have enjoyed the college’s proximity to the river and approached and interpreted the theme in a huge variety of ways and materials, some based in serious academic research with others more spontaneously, responding to the fluid line of the river’s physical geography.’      Marian Lynch, Programme Manager.

You can see my full set of images from the private view here.

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