Marian Clayden Art Textiles

Today’s the last chance to see ‘Marian Clayden Art Textiles’ at Dame Zandra Rhode’s Fashion and Textile Museum.

This wonderful show from is a retrospective look at the ground breaking career of Marian Clayden, who died in 2015.

‘The exhibition celebrates the influence of a British-born artist (1937–2015) who transformed psychedelic tie-dyed fabrics into a million-dollar fashion business in the United States. Curated by Mary Schoeser, the globally respected historian, Art Textiles takes a close look at the shibori dyeing techniques used by Clayden, revealing how simple methods can create complex, sumptuous effects.’ ftmlondon.

The works on display range from early textiles produced for the musical ‘Hair’, through experiments with different dying traditions, and extended trips to Iran and Japan, to the couture looks worn by hollywood stars on the red-carpet.

A beautiful and entrancing show.

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